Reciclado de Neumáticos de Castilla y León, S.L.
Polígono Industrial Erkimia
Avenida de los Explosivos s/n E-34880 Guardo (Palencia) - Spain
 Tel: +34 97 985 33 09
 Fax: +34 97 985 22 18

The Company

Used tyres elimination represent a serious environmental problem for developed countries, as a consequence of the large amount of them generated annually, the large volume they take up and the difficulties associated with their disposal. This situation causes a great concern, and generators of tyres and public administrations have to deal with it.

The recycling as a solution to take the most out of the components of tyres is the most useful, easy and environmental friendly way of recycling these wastes.

The company, who started running on June 2002, has the target of taking the most out of the different components of tyres based on the premises of the recovery of products and protection of the environment.

The plant is located at Guardo (Palencia) and has 23.000 m² between stockyard and facilities.

Plant, Guardo(Palencia)