• RENECAL tire recycling company
2017 09 10

The tires out of use represent a serious environmental problem for developed countries, mainly for the following reasons:

  • The huge number of tire units that are annually generated and the large volume they occupy
  • The contamination of natural spaces.
  • In case of combustion, pollutant fumes of difficult elimination are produced
  • In the open air they accumulate water in their interior, where insects and other undesirable transmitters of diseases proliferate
  • Its difficult elimination, since it is estimated that its degradation in the natural environment is greater than 100 years

Recycling, as a solution aimed at the integral use of tire components, is the most useful, efficient and ecological output of this waste.

RENECAL is a Company at the vanguard in treatment, management, processing, obtention, storage and transport of rubber powder and granulates, textile fiber and steel wire from used tires.

We dispose a consolidated presence in Spain and international markets, in the area of selling and export of rubber for it employment in diverse applications: Sport Tracks, Shoes and Clothes, Security Pavements in Child´s areas, Acoustic Systems, Modified Asphalts, Automotive Industry and others.

The process of recycling of used tires implemented in RENECAL is based on a mechanical process, obtening by this way usable products in diverse industries, and allowing the reuse of all it components, y for that, contributing to the environmental sostenibility of this kind of residue.

RENECAL is Authorized Manage of Residues by the Environmental Service of the región of Castilla Leon, and is member of the SPANISH RECYCLING FEDERATION (FER).

RENECAL applies in its processes Integral Systems of Management of Quality (ISO 9001) and Environmental Management (ISO 14001), certified by APPLUS.